Economy slowing down?

April 16, 2007 Business

Economic trends are notoriously hard to predict. Lately, I’ve been reading about (and seeing) some things that make me wonder if we’ve already entered a slow-down period. I’m no economic expert, but I have a few personal key indicators that I’ve seen change significantly over the past six months:

  1. Emails from recruiters: My resume is well indexed and during boom times I get 3-5 emails per week from recruiters (Usually for jobs that don’t match my qualifications at all! Can’t recruiters read?) I’ve seen this drop to less than 1 / week in the past few months

  2. Syllogistic job leads: I’ve been steadily optimizing and improving my online presence and advertising. Until recently, the number of leads was increasing along with this. Lately, this has started leveling off and perhaps even decreasing a bit.

Now, keep in mind that these two factors are heavily US-based (most of the leads I get are from the States). My guess is that the United States could be headed for (or is already in) a recession. And that means Canada won’t be far behind…

Or maybe this is just a small blip on the graph I’m mistaking for a trend. We should know for sure by this time next year.