A couple of the worst possible ways you can manage people:

  • Ostrich mentality (a.k.a. Head in the sand): Refers to the “ignore it and it will go away” attitude. Some managers think that if they just “leave it until next week” somehow the problem will just go away. No. It’ll get worse. Act on it now.

  • Ditch digging theory of management: This is the belief that every task in business is the same as simple manual labour (like digging a ditch). In other words, they think that to make a project go faster, they just need to add more people (“horsepower”). No. Often adding more people to a complex project will just slow things down. Some things just take time.

  • Warm body theory of management: This is a personal pet peeve of mine because I see it everywhere. This is the belief that people (“warm bodies”) in the office, sitting at their desk somehow equals productivity. Some managers frown on personal time, and reward people who are there every day from 7am until 9pm. No. This will just cause burnout. Those people sitting at their desks are not being productive. They’re playing solitaire‚Ķ or reading this blog.