Driving to Toronto one evening, I was very annoyed with how traffic was moving, and decided it might be therapeutic to rant about it. Here is the raw, unedited (but slightly censored) result:

People need to be taught how to drive in stop and go traffic. For some reason, people think that the most efficient way to drive through stop and go traffic is to accelerate as fast as possible, and then slam on the brakes.

And then, accelerate as fast as possible again, and then slam on the brakes all over again.

Now, countless studies have shown that the most efficient way to move traffic is actually everyone going at the same speed in a nice smooth, fluid manner. And, slowing down when you see the car in front of you slow down, and leaving enough space in-between the cars to act as a bit of a buffer.

And in fact, if people drove like this, you wouldn’t actually have stop and go traffic. You would have always going traffic, just going a little bit slower.

But people insist on this, and they cut in and out of lanes, and then speed up and go thirty kilometers per hour – for a second – and then slam on the brakes and stop.

F#@!ing idiotic. Anyways, somebody has to teach people that that is not the right way to drive.
This is my first attempt at embedding audio in a blogger post, so I have no idea how it will work. Supposedly if you are reading in something like Google Reader or Bloglines, an embedded player will show up automatically.

If that doesn’t work, you can download the audio directly here: http://jasonhanley.com/mp3/DrivingInStopAndGoTraffic.mp3