I think one of the the biggest challenges with management (and perhaps life in general) is dealing with people who happen to be feeling lazy, and just don’t give a sh!t at the moment.

This seems to be particularly difficult with “boring” jobs, like call centers, retail, etc.

How many times have you called up a company to get some information, do some calculations, fix an error on your phone bill – but they just aren’t into it?

Perhaps they haven’t had their coffee yet, or stayed out too late the night before.  Who knows.

Whatever the cause, you can tell they really and truly don’t care one bit about what you need them to do.

When it comes down to it, motivation might be the most important aspect of management.

You could have the best processes in the world, but if people have no incentive to follow them, they won’t.

So what’s your advice?  How do you manage people who are feeling Lazy And Don’t Give A Sh!t?