Do you have any problems?

I sure do. Tons of them!

Everyone has problems. You might even call them “challenges” or “puzzles” or “opportunities”.

I use an incredibly complex, patent-pending 3-step methodology for dealing with them:
  1. Identify
  2. Plan
  3. Do
This may seem like a very simple idea, but I assure you, most people do not follow this.

Everybody gets step 1. Most people know their problems.

Then then add:
Step 1.a) Worry about the problem.
Step 1.b) Complain about the problem.
Step 1.c) Make up excuses for not addressing the problem

I call this the WCE problem-solving methodology – pronounced “wuss” ;)

I have news: WCE does not work. They are unnecessary steps.

A few people get to step 2, the planning stage, but never complete that step.

What about step 3: Doing – the one that really matters? Hardly anyone ever makes it there. They’re still too busy cranking out excuses.

So next time you come across a problem, just remember the 3 steps – and don’t add any extra ones!

IPD: Identify. Plan. Do.

Done. :)