Note: This is a guest blog post from GrumpyOldMan123.

Dear younger generation,

As many older generations have done before, I humbly offer you some sanctimonious, unsolicited advice.

When you encounter a minor obstacle, never, ever make any effort to find a solution by yourself.

If you can't immediately find someone else to solve a problem for you, don't even consider researching it on your own.

Instead, amuse yourself with distractions. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are all great resources for this.

If anyone asks you about the problem, complain loudly that you "just can't figure it out," and ask "why is this so hard?"

When you suffer the inevitable consequences, be sure to explain how you were "going to do it eventually," and say: "It's not my fault!"

And rest assured, this attitude has no adverse impact whatsoever on your career and personal life.

You're still entitled to the best of everything.

If you are disappointed with your accomplishments, don't worry, it's not your fault.

It's probably just bad luck.

Don't bother changing your attitude.

Keep it up. You're doing just fine.