The first time I sold everything I owned was 2009, when I moved to south Texas for four months as an experiment to see if I could run my consulting business remotely.

The second time, Melissa and I knew that we were only staying in Toronto for a year, so we bought things cheap and knew we'd be unloading them soon.

This time was a bit different. We had planned to stay in Victoria many years, so we were buying the "good stuff" -- things we planned to keep and enjoy for a long time.

That made selling everything a bit more difficult for us.

Not to mention, It's always a big inconvenience, of course :) I'm working from a coffee shop today because I sold my work desk and chair yesterday.

That said, we've been given an absolutely amazing opportunity that we'd be crazy to turn down, so onward and upwards we go :)

Nearly everything has been sold now, and we're counting down the days until our week-long stopover in Kitchener to visit friends and family on our way to the Caribbean!