Jason Hanley

Software developer, world traveler, pilot, project
management guru, HTML5 expert, efficiency nut.

Jason's projects

PMRobot | Project Management Software

Is your information scattered across multiple project management and issue tracking systems?

PMRobot is your virtual project management assistant, working 24/7 to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Syllogistic Software | Web & HTML5 App Development

Syllogistic Software Inc. was incorporated in 2003, and specializes in managing complex software projects from concept to completion.

We create complex, custom web-based applications using HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Symfony and other robust open-source technologies.

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BuyMyStuff.com | Free local classifieds

Selling items at a garage sale or online is often a lot of work! You need to keep dragging stuff out onto your lawn every Saturday, or keep re-posting a classified ad over and over again.

This site is different. Just sign up for an account and enter your items once, then let us do the work.

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h5note.com | HTML5 Notepad

Inspired by the iPad "Notes" application.

Very simple. Just start typing. Everything is saved to your system automatically.

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