What are the facts?

Total health care spending per person / year:
USA: $6,717 USD (46% government = $3,089)
Canada: $3,678 USD (70% government = $2,574)

Fact: Americans pay almost twice as much per capita for health care even though 16 of their population lacks coverage.

Fact: The US government already subsidizes health care, and already spends more per person than Canada.

Fact: Of the 27 richest nations on the planet, the US is the only country without universal health coverage.

Fact: 16% of the US population (45 million people and growing) have no health insurance at all and are basically screwed if they incur a critical injury or sickness they can’t sue for.

What’s up for debate?

The overall quality of health care in the two countries has been widely debated, but the overall consensus – of all scientific studies based on measurable data and facts – is that the quality is roughly comparable.

I’ve written an article over at Google Knol exploring some of the debatable points.  Have a look at: