Hobbies and Fun


I’ve visited and experienced the unique cultures of over 25 countries.

Some of my favorite destinations in the world are Hawaii, New Zealand, and France.


While living in the Caribbean, my favorite activities included free diving and underwater photography.

I’ve included a few samples from my 500px page:

Photograph Juvenile Caribbean reef squid viewed from below by Jason Hanley on 500px Photograph "Napping" - Green sea turtle under a rock by Jason Hanley on 500px Photograph Looking up at a cloud of fish by Jason Hanley on 500px


I took some formal piano lessons at a young age, but didn’t really find my passion for music until I started producing music with software called ScreamTracker, and created a (now defunct) website to help other digital musicians showcase their music.

I’m now using a DAW called Reaper and a wide range of plugins, including Komplete.

Here are a few recent samples from my SoundCloud page:


I started learning to fly while living in New Zealand in 2009 and received my private pilot’s licence (PPL) in 2010.

This flying video playlist will transport you into the cockpit.


I’m reminded of this timeless quotation:

β€œThe price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” - Plato

It’s an important skill to be able to discuss and debate politics (in a polite, respectful way, of course πŸ™‚).

I once ran as a candidate in a provincial election.

I write articles about politics, and even created a wiki called The Lean Party to organize some of my ideas for discussion and debate.