Did you know that nearly 100% of drivers involved in accidents don’t think it was their fault?

This is perhaps not shocking, but what might surprise you more is that nearly 100% of them are wrong!

Most accidents are completely preventable, if you just follow advice from a good driver training program.

The “T-bone”

Primary Fault: “T-bone-ee” mis-judges distance of (or doesn’t even notice) oncoming car and turns left in front of them

Common Excuses:
“They came out of nowhere!” Cars do not randomly appear from spatial vortexes.  It was barreling towards you the entire time.
“They were speeding!” If you could tell they were speeding, you sure as hell should not have turned in front of them.

Primary Prevention: Don’t turn in front of cars unless you damn well know you’re going to make it! (duh)

Secondary Fault: “T-bone-er” ran head on into a car that turned right in front of them!  Never a good idea.

Secondary Prevention: Keep your foot over the brake and plan an avoidance when approaching an intersection with cars waiting to turn left.

The “Rear-end”

Primary Fault: “Rear-end-er” hits the car in front of them because they didn’t stop in time

Common Excuses:
“It was snowing/raining/slippery!” Yeah, so drive according to the road and weather conditions and leave some extra space.
“They stopped too quickly!” Umm, NO – YOU stopped too SLOWLY.

Primary Prevention: Always leave enough room ahead of you for an emergency stop, given current road and weather conditions.

Secondary Fault: The “Rear-end-ee” probably DID stop fast – likely because they weren’t paying enough attention.

Secondary Prevention: Avoid distractions (phone/texting/emailing) while driving and always look far ahead so you can anticipate problems before they “come out of nowhere.”

Those are just two examples.  There are many more.

So everyone – please, pay attention and take responsibility when you’re driving, because if you are involved in an accident – it’s probably, at least partially, YOUR FAULT!