Last night I gave the first public demo of my new site –

What does it do? It’s basically like having an online garage sale that people can browse 24x7.

“But Jason…”, you ask, “How is this any different than than Craigslist, Kijiji, or newpaper classifieds?”

I’m glad you asked! Those services are generally set up to let you post one item in one category for a short duration. For instance, if you’re selling a car or a house – is not the best place.

Instead, this site is designed to let you go through all that miscellaneous stuff in your closet, garage or basement that you want to sell but haven’t bothered because it’s too much hassle.

Or, if you happen to be moving, and have a whole ton of stuff you want to get rid of at once, this is the perfect way.

List everything once on, then let it do all the work for you. Perhaps a few months from now, someone on the other side of town will be looking for that old card table you’ve been trying to get rid of, and happily give you 20 bucks for it!

Now, please keep in mind it is still a bit rough around the edges. We’re still working on a pretty design, and there might be a few intermittent glitches as we add new features.

But other than that, it’s ready right now for you to go to your closest, garage, or basement and start listing all the stuff you’d like someone to buy!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the items added, and hearing your suggestions and feedback.

Try it out now! :)