As a small business owner, I have no dental or extended health coverage. So a while ago, I decided to sign up for a Manulife CoverMe policy.

Their policies appear to be priced well. The website is nicely done, and the sign up process is entirely online.

It gives you the feeling that they really have their stuff together.

The problem is that as soon as they get your money, the experience goes sharply downhill.

It looks like they invest all of their funds and effort into marketing and getting people to sign up, but as soon as you need service, you’re SOL.

Their claims process is straight out of the 1980’s, requiring you to snail mail or fax a sheet you need to fill out by hand.  You would think they could have managed some sort of electronic method.

I was able to easily set up automatic payments from my credit card online, but when I needed to cancel these payments, I had to phone twice, send two different faxes, and they still deducted two extra payments after cancellation.

Manulife really needs to work on the overall customer experience before offering a direct, online insurance option.  For the time being, I think you’re probably better off buying a policy from a competitor, or through one of their resellers.