1. Download sketchy .exe file from Internet.
2. Double click it.
3. Press [next] about 5 times.
4. Done!


1. Download sketchy .tgz or tar.gz file from Internet.
2. Google the right command line options to extract it.
3. Change to the new directory.
4. Look through all the files and try to guess which is the install script.
5. Run the install script.
6. When the script crashes, Google the library incompatibility errors.
7. Search for different versions of libraries and attempt to install them.
8. Break other stuff while attempting to install new libraries.
9. Bang head against desk.
10. Google more error messages.
11. Spend a few hours trying various suggestions from the Internet.
12. 5050 chance of a) finding magical solution, or b) deciding it’s not worth it and giving up.