Over the years, I’ve picked up a few interesting expressions from places I’ve lived that I’ve incorporated into my everyday conversation :)

People are often confused, so here are the explanations.

Texas / Atlanta / The South


Usage: Abbreviation of “you all” or “you guys” or “yous guys”

  • “How are y’all doing today?”
  • “What about the rest of y’all?”

New Zealand

Pronouncing many short vowel sounds as “ee”.

  • “Builder” = “Beelder”
  • The name “Ben” = “Been”


“Comme vous voulez” (pronounced: Come voo voo-lay)

Usage: When you don’t really have an opinion. Literally: “As you wish.” or “However you like.”

  • “What do you want for dinner tonight? – Comme vous voulez.”
  • “Should we invite the Jones? – Comme vous voulez.”

The Caribbean

“Yah mon”

Usage: Affirmative / Yes (in a casual tone)

  • “Are you going out soon? – Yah mon.”
  • “Did you remember to bring the umbrella? – Yah mon.”