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I was recently going through old blog drafts and came across this one from nearly 8 years ago.

It was basically just brainstorming about how to improve society in general.

I’m proud to say that in the meantime, I’ve done my best to move the needle ever so slightly, becoming more involved in politics, including running for office at the provincial level and organizing my thoughts further in a wiki.

I also now work for a charity that helps bring free education to those who need it most.

My most recent efforts include promoting proportional representation and helping organize a Green regional association.

Who’s ready to join in and help? :)

Here’s my original brainstorming notes from June 2010:

Communist? Capitalist? Democratic? Socialist? Does anyone really know what these terms actually mean anymore?

Hybrid system. Use best aspects of existing societal structures.

Freely available to all citizens of the world:
- Basic education and communication (shared facilities)
- Basic health care (preventive care, emergency treatment, etc.)
- Emergency relief (accidents, disasters, etc.)
- Justice, arbitration, and protective services

- Clean drinking water (per person allocation)
- Healthy food (local vegetables, whole grains, etc. - per person allocation)
- Basic shelter (elemental protection, minimal heating/cooling, bed, bathroom facilities)

Commercial system:
- Non-essential food and water
- Enhanced or larger shelter
- Enhanced health care (treatment of highly preventable diseases, cosmetic, elective, etc.)
- Entertainment (of all forms)

Flat taxes on Commercial system fund free system.

As society advances and becomes more efficient, the level of “basic/essential” services can be brought up.

Problems to get there:
- Greed
- Corruption
- Laziness
- Status quo
- Fear